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“Helping good people whose lives have been turned upside down by an arrest for domestic violence.”


An arrest for domestic assault is a potentially life changing event.  In addition to the impact on the underlying relationship and family structure, such an arrest can negatively and permanently affect careers, housing and educational opportunities.  A conviction for such an offense can impact all of the above areas plus immigration status and gun ownership rights to name a few.

The System

If you have been arrested for domestic assault you have entered not only the criminal justice system but a unique and typically segregated component of that system.  In New York state, in many counties, the court system has created specialized courts to address allegations of domestic violence.  These courts normally come with prosecutors specially trained to win convictions in domestic assault cases, a cadre of “victim advocates” and counselors, and judges specifically assigned to handle these types of cases.  It is a true “system."

The Need for Knowledgeable Representation

Because these matters are brought and prosecuted by experienced people, you need a lawyer who understands the “system” working for you.  This means not only an attorney who is experienced in criminal practice before New York courts, but an attorney who is experienced in representing individuals charged with these types of crimes.

Why You Should Choose Parisi, Coan, and Saccocio, PLLC

Attorney Patrick Saccocio has experience handling these types of matters. In addition to being a former prosecutor, Mr. Saccocio is an experienced New York criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended people charged with domestic assault crimes. In addition, Mr. Saccocio, who is also admitted to practice in Texas, is Special Counsel to the prestigious Austin based domestic violence criminal defense firm The Pace Law Firm and has represented clients on numerous domestic assault matters in the state of Texas as well.


We pledge to be responsive and creative attorneys who will strive to obtain the best outcome possible for each client’s case.  We understand these cases and we understand what they mean to our clients.


Our attorneys focus on your needs, and we will use our experience, creativity and dedication to make sure you get the justice you deserve. Share your case with us now for a free consultation.


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